Natural Therapy for Animals


Natural Therapy for Animals

Aromatherapy is a very safe and effective natural remedy, with less side effects, that can improve behaviour and health in animals.
Aromatherapy for animals may be unfamiliar to some of you, but I would like to share with you why I started using natural remedies, including essential oils.
Many holistic veterinarians have been voicing the dangers of vaccines and preventative medicines and are disseminating alternative treatments. This is because, I have learned, that many pets have suffered serious side effects, including death from them. Because of this, in recent years, many pet owners have been looking to more natural alternatives that are safer for their animals. This is why I started with dōTERRA. Their essential oils are 100% pure and effective, making them the choice for many hospitals and veterinarians. Here are the main reasons I use essential oils, among other natural remedies:
1. They are 50-70 times more effective than herbal medicines.
2. You can use them in 3 ways, aromatically, topically or internally, depending on the issue.
3. They have many benefits and essential oils alone can help animals with many things. In addition, they can be used to complement western medicine treatments.
4. They are convenient to carry anywhere and can be used for emergencies.
5. They can be used by the whole family, not just pets!
Living things have their own healing powers, which work together to bring the body to a normal state (homeostasis). Essential oils help the body to achieve this. They provide powerful support for healing and immunity.
And, one oil can have multiple properties! For animals with multiple ailments, one oil can do the work of many, helping to support the function of other problematic systems.
For example, frankincense, also known as the king of oils, has a variety of benefits. It not only has the power to activate cells and relieve inflammation and pain, but it is also effective for feeling melancholy, distressed and feeling unwell.
Balance, doTERRAs grounding blend, has a calming effect on stressed and anxious pets. By using Balance either topically or diffused, it not only calms the pet, but the owner too. This also helps the pet, having a calm owner.
In terms of side effects, in Western medicine, while one drug is given for a condition, it can cause other unwanted side effects that then also need drugs to control. This can lead to overuse of medications like steroids and antibiotics, which is not beneficial to the body. Essential oils, however, have few, if any, side effects. If there is a reaction, which is rare, then it is easily resolved either by getting fresh air or applying more carrier oil. Any symptoms usually disappear within 24hrs. There is no need to suppress unwanted symptoms with more medication.
Have you ever heard these statements from a vet when your pet looks unwell, " there's nothing wrong with your pet", "let's see how things go", "there's nothing we can do", "they need these drugs for life"?? Vets deal with symptoms, not always causes.
With natural therapy you can not only support and deal with such conditions, using natural products that helps get to the root of the problem and not just mask the symptoms, you can also use natural therapy to prevent conditions in the first place. Essential oils are also helpful to pets that can't take medications, for whatever reason.
Would you like to be able to take care of your pets daily life with essential oils and help them be the healthiest and happiest they can be?

What can I help your pets with Essential oils

  • Skin issues (Itching, red rash, discomfort in ears and paws or Hot spot etc.)
  • Digestive issues (Constipation, Diarrhea, Car sick etc.)
  • Muscular issues
  • Respiratory issues
  • Endocrine issues
  • General health and wellbeing
  • Emotional / behavior support
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Cellular health
  • Dental care / support
  • Preventatives (Includes flea/tick/mosquito repellent)
  • And MORE!!! 🐾🐾🐾


Mrs. Yamazaki
Noah (M. Dax, girl) has been treated for kidney issues since 2019 with Western medicine and Chinese medicine (tongue examination, palpation, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, diet). In 2021, she was diagnosed that she had problem in her liver, and the number of Chinese medicines increased to 15. Even so, her conditions progressed aggressively, and it had gotten worse considerably in a month. Even though I knew the existence of animal aromatherapy, I had no choice to give Chinese medicine for her conditions, but Noah didn't like it, and it was stressful for both of us, and she refused to eat her meals. I was skeptical about essential oils because I was unfamiliar with them. But as I've been talking with Kiyoko, I thought that I could trust her who put Noah first and that I didn't need to give her medicine. I gave up all medicines and started following Kiyoko's advice.  I wasn't sure if Noah would accept the essential oils at that time, but when she fell asleep with a bottle of the oil as a pillow, or when she had a cough, she approached to diffuser to bath in the smoke. I was surprised that she started to select oils by herself and do self-care with essential oils instead of accepting them, such as making herself comfortable. By spending such days, Noah's QOL improved, the number of blood tests decreased, and the progression of her conditions suddenly slowed down.
In her final days, Noah wagged her tail once and grew her wings at the age of 17 years and 6 months. If I had stuck to traditional medicine, I don't think she would have ended up like this. I can confidently say that I made the right choice at that time. I learned that even if you have a good oil, it doesn't mean anything without a good therapist, and it's only when you have both of them that you get results. Kiyoko, thank you for fighting with us until she took her last breath, and for supporting us when we were about to give up. I can't thank Kiyoko enough. Noah has left, but Team Noah is still alive and well. I'm really thankful to you.
Miss, Jones
My dog Billy had an abusive upbringing at his previous home. At one year of age he and his sibling was lacking vigor and emaciated. They ended up abandoned, tied to a fence in an area where they probably wouldn't be found. About a week later Billy was rescued and taken to a vet for emergency care. When he recovered I became his foster carer, but Billy ended up not being suitable for rehoming. He was severely affected by his previous home and euthanasia became the only option. I kept him knowing things would be very challenging, but if we found the right people things could get better. Billy suffered from intense fear, reactivity, aggression and unease. Every situation became a training ground to help him find ways of coping. He was always in a sensitive state due to mental instability stemming from past painful experiences and was ready to react to anything. Since starting essential oils I've seen big improvements with his day-to-day stress levels. Kiyoko introduced me to oils and skillfully selected the right ones for best results. I witnessed Billy became very able to cope with the events that happened around him on a daily basis. The oils are in integral part of his ongoing rehabilitation too.
Mrs. Suzuki
In March 2021, I lost my boy who was 11 years old because he had issues in his lungs, whom I lived with for 9 years. It took just a week from the time he noticed symptoms to the time he died.
He's been lacking vigor for a few days, so he needed to stay at the vet. I told the vet that I wanted to use essential oils to reduce his stress during hospitalization, and with the permission of the attendant, I continued to apply calming oil many times a day while receiving Kiyoko's advice. While other dogs in the hospital were anxious and howled for hours, he had a calm and serene expression. Four days later, he could take CT scan and his condition was so serious that his spleen, heart, and lungs were all in terminal condition, meaning he could have died at any time. That's what the vet told me. I decided to take him home, thinking that I thought that conventional treatment would only damage him. I set up portable oxygen at home and diffused respiratory support oils 24 hours a day to help him breathe a little easier. The veterinarian said, ``It's strange that under his condition, he normally has difficulty breathing and opens his mouth wide, but he can close his mouth and breathe through his nose,'' I thought that was the effect of this oil. About an hour before he passed away, he squatted down on his own to go to the toilet, and said goodbye to me, saying, "Thank you." Pain relief and calming oils eased his suffering and he departed peacefully. However, if I had been able to notice his condition earlier, there might have been many things I could have done by using Western medicine's examination power and natural remedies with essential oils that have a high immediate effect... I still regret it. I can't help it. Currently, I am volunteering to take care of old dogs. I continue to use essential oils for mental and physical care while receiving advice from Kiyoko so as supporting their health. I am deeply grateful to Kiyoko, who always gives me appropriate advice.
Mr. Minami
For the past four years, Colin (Miniature Pinscher, 6 years old) had weak skin, and when he started scratching his body with itching, he would lose his hair and bleed for days. This started in 2018 when he was 2 years old. I had to go to the vet once in two weeks and looking for dog food that helps his skin sonditions. After repeated tests, he was given various medications. They temporarily relieved his symptoms, but he had to take them daily and he hated them. Then his discomfort got worse and he started scratching himself until he bled. When I posted about the situation on Facebook, a woman who saw Colin's skin condition introduced me to Kiyoko who does natural remedies and dietary therapy. I've been looking for a long-term solution, so I immediately took consultation for him. Kiyoko was kind enough to give me a diet review and a therapy using essential oils, so I decided to try them. Two weeks after switching from dog food to raw diet, Colin started growing hair behind his ears after. Since then, As Kiyoko's advice, I've made bone broth and added Copaiba in his meals, which has changed him again. Colin, who used to act violently when clipping his nails, has become more docile and now lets me slowly file his nails. Seeing such a change, I also started to diffuse calming oils, and Colin's favorite lavender scent drifts every day. After the meal, when I say "house", it makes me happy to see Colin sitting calmly in the house and relaxing in the crate, and I am truly grateful for our meeting. I will continue to do what I can do little by little, and I would like to spend many happy times with Colin, who is full of energy.

Customer Reviews

Mrs. Foltz
My dog Cash had been losing the hair around his eyes from the end of July 2023, making them look very pink, for several months before. I had tried eye drops but did not want to use steroids. Then I saw a post on Essential Oil Vet's Facebook with a pup who looked like he had a similar condition as my Cash was dealing with. So, I found out who they had been working with and came across Kiyoko. I contacted her and even though she in in Australia and I am in the US, we did a video call meeting and talked about Cash. She made some recommendations for me, and my journey began. I have been following the recommendations, and although not 100% because we have vacationed and stuff, he is making amazing progress. I have also noticed that Cash's coat is a bit shinier, and he is looking like my handsome boy again. I so appreciate the knowledge and suggestions from Kiyoko. I highly recommend reaching out if you feel you are out of options. That is where I was.
Mrs. Terano
My 2 year old dog Chloe has a lump near her nose. I took her to the vet and the vet said that she's prone to get warts easily and that he would leave unless they grow, and that if you were concerned about her appearance and really wanted to remove the warts, he could remove them under general anesthesia, but I refused.
However, as her warts continued to grow, I contacted Kiyoko for advice. Kiyoko explained about Chloe's condition and told me to support her immune system and she showed me how to deal with it with essential oils.
I looked up her condition on the internet and discovered that Chloe's symptoms were exactly the same as what Kiyoko had described. My vet didn't talk to me about it, and I was disappointed.
I started using essential oils on September 7th, and the warts were completely gone by September 15th. I am so impressed by the power of essential oils.
Chloe sometimes gets warts, so I'm really happy to know that I can treat them with essential oils from now on.
Mrs. Hiramatsu
In 2020 I adopted Anne, and she had trauma mentally. Since taking Kiyoko's advice in November 2022 and started using her essential oils, her feeling has improved a lot. When she was rescued, she had already tested positive for heartworm. She has been receiving treatment with ivermectin since 2020, but it has not worked...
In April 2023, Kiyoko suggested to help Ann with heartworms using herbs and essential oils.
After three weeks of using oils and herbs as per Kiyoko's instructions, I took Anne to the vet to be tested for heartworms.
The result was negative🥳🥳🥳In just 3 weeks, Ann was able to beat heartworms with essential oils and herbs 😍😍😍
The power of nature is amazing! I couldn't be happier. I'm so happy that I can make her healthier with natural solutions.
Mr. Okumura
I rescued a newborn husky cross dog. We named it Milk Tea.
She was found in a mountain cave with her four other siblings shortly after her birth. She has a congenital cerebellar defect that she cannot walk on her own or moving her body as she would like. Sometimes she would get irritated and bite us.
But we always want her to be comfortable and happy.
At that time, my friend introduced me to Kiyoko.
She gave me some adice for her diet or how to raise her. And I was interested in natural remedies so I was willing to try essentila oils to her. I put a drop or two of essential oil on my hands and started massaging her, just as Kiyoko had taught me.
After massaging her, Mil fell asleep right away 😴
We didn't know anything about essential oils, but we were so impressed with the effects of essential oils, because she had never slept so relaxed and deeply since Mil was born.
Since then, I have been massaging Mil every day.
She has no reason to use sedatives or sleeping pills that have side effects 🤷‍♀️
She also had watery diarrhea at least 5 times a day since we got her, so I had to wash and dry her butt many times every day. However, with Kiyoko's advice, we improved her diet and started giving her probiotics and digestive enzymes. As the result, her stools started to form better and are now reduced to 2-3 times a day.
We're so happy that we can give her better life.

Kiyoko Hashimoto

Certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist
In 2016, I moved to Nhulunbuy (Arnhem land NT). Two months later I got Chloe a six week old female Staffordshire bull terrier, after that, Chloe faced a series of problems, including itching, red rash, an anterior cruciate ligament injury, digestive issues, and emotional issues. There wasn't a well-equipped veterinary hospital in town, so I got a lot of information from the internet and from acquaintances who were familiar with pet health issues.
In 2018, we got a male Staffordshire bull terrier, Olympus aka Oly at 11 weeks old. Oly was already infected with demodectic mange, which was said to be incurable. And when I was looking for a natural remedy, I came across essential oils and was able to completely heal him in one month! Since then, I have used essential oils to address health issues not only for my dog, but also for many other dogs in town.
In 2020, when I moved to Cairns with my family and wanted to learn more about essential oils in earnest, Dr. Roark, an integrative medicine veterinarian who is known as Essential Oil Vet living in the United States, established a course to train her specialist in animal aromatherapy. I decided to learn about it and take the course. I've learned not only essential oils, but also food therapy, shiatsu/massage, Chinese medicines, and other natural remedies with many medical professionals, and I was qualified as aromatherapy specialist. Currently, I am consulting face-to-face and video chat with many people who lives not only in Australia, but also in the United States, Europe, and Japan. In addition, I am also a part of the Essential Oil Vet Network of Certified animal aromatherapy consultants. Once a week we, Dr Janet Roark (veterinarian) and other certified consultants, meet to discuss cases and share knowledge and ideas. I am able to get advice from the essential oil vet herself to help support your pet.
⁂Dr. Roark (DVM) is an integrative medicine veterinarian in Texas, USA and a member of doTERRA's Advisory Board. She not only treats dogs and cats, but also other animals such as horses, cows, sheep, and birds using essential oils, herbs, acupuncture, lasers, etc., as well as Western medicine. She has also published several books, including Essential Oils for Pets Guidebook.

Session (Aromatherapy Consultation)

I offer one on one consultations either in person if you live in my area or video call.

To make an appoint
・Please choose the plan that suits your needs from the following 4 plans that I offer.
・Then, please contact by email (the form is below).
Please fill in the following information at that time.
- The name of your pet you would like to consult, (pet's) species, gender, age, and weight
- What do you want to consult about this time (medical condition, symptoms, behavioral/emotional problems, etc.)
- The session will be held via video call or in person, so please fill in 2-3 dates and times that are convenient for you.
- I will contact you by e-mail with the date and time of the session by the next day.


A short email or text consultation for a quick and easy solution.
This is suitable for those one-off incidents your pet may have.
No call needed beforehand.
*If you are a member of my FB group, Natural Therapy for Paws, you can ask in the group for FREE!
⁑In person consultations are only available to certain areas and will incur extra charges depending on your location.


Includes 1 x 45 minute initial consult via video call where you will be given a protocol personalized to suit your pet's needs, plus 1 follow up. This is suitable to address simple issues. 


Includes: One 60 minute session where we discuss your concerns in depth, your pet's history and health and wellbeing and how we can help them. This session can be conducted by Video call or in person.
You will receive a personalized protocol specific to your pet's needs with easy-to-follow instructions, including advice for food, or supplements etc. if appropriate to the plan. The protocol is emailed to you as well for your reference.
Afterwards, you get up to 4 follow ups, if more assistance is needed, additional follow up calls may be charged a small fee.
*You also have the option to purchase aromatherapy supplies if needed (additional costs will occur). Or join my essential oil team to receive a 30% discount.
**In person consultations are only available to certain areas and will incur extra charges depending on your location. 


Includes: One 90 minute session where we discuss your concerns in depth, your dogs history and health and wellbeing and how we can help them. This session can be conducted by video call or in person**
You will receive a personalized protocol specific to your dog's needs with easy-to-follow instructions, including advice for food, or supplements etc if appropriate to the plan. The protocol is emailed to you as well for your reference.
Afterwards, you get 2 follow up appointments by video call PER MONTH for 6 months to review progress and assess if any changes need to be made to the suggested protocol.
I don’t leave you in the lurch.
This option is more suited to dogs with long term discomfort or injury or with more difficult issues that require more time and attention.
*You also have the option to purchase aromatherapy supplies if needed (additional costs will occur). Or join my essential oil team to receive a 30% discount.
**In person consultations are only available to certain areas and will incur extra charges depending on your location.

EXTRAS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE SEPERATELY BY REQUEST – *Aromatherapy Supplies – cost varies dependent on needs. *Extra Follow Up appointments – $20 per appointment.
SURCHAGE FOR IN PERSON CONSULTATIONS – $20 plus $2 per km after 20kms
** SPECIAL BONUS ** Members of my essential oil team, current and new, will receive a 30% discount on all services! If you aren’t a member of my team yet, contact me to find out how you can join and receive this plus other great bonuses!


Session Hour

Reservation required

Morning: 8:00-12:00
Afternoon: 14:00-18:00

Natural Therapy and Pets

You may have pets who like veterinarian visits. However, going up to the examination table and receiving a medical examination is a very stressful thing for pets. If you book a session and deal with your pet's health problems by yourself, you can reduce your pet's stress and deepen your bond with your pets. In addition, owners can also acquire knowledge about pet health.

Natural Therapy and Family

dōTERRA essential oils were originally made for human use. By using essential oils and gaining experience and knowledge, you can use them not only for pets but also for the whole family to manage health and solve health problems.

About dōTERRA

dōTERRA's essential oils are gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy, while always practicing "Farmer First".
Each dōTERRA essential oil is also carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG ® quality protocol. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize the superior quality standard for naturally safe, purely effective dōTERRA essential oils.
dōTERRA has a membership system for purchasing products, and if you become a member, you can purchase all products at a 25% discount.
Membership fee: $35
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The information, products and services on this site are not intend to replace professional medical advice. If your pets are injured or unwell, it's always advisable to see a veterinarian or health professional first. These statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods of Australia (TGA).


Please fill in the following items at that time.
・The name of your pet, (pet's) species, gender, age, and weight
・What do you want to consult about this time (medical condition, symptoms, behavioral/emotional problems, etc.)
・Consulting will be done by video chat on Zoom, or FB messenger, so please fill in 2-3 dates and times that are convenient for you.
・I will contact you by e-mail with the date and time of session.

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